Sunday, January 18, 2015

Monitor Field Node Version 2

 Sensor Field Node 2 got an upgrade to Version 2. The upgrade is a pretty decent size one. It includes the following:

  1. 3D printed enclosure
  2. Second temperature sensor to measure ambient air temps 
Version 2 components disassembled on top. Version 3(yet to be deployed) on bottom.
Version 2 is on the top. Version 3 on the bottom. Notice Version 3's ambient temperature hood compared to Version 2.
Plenty of room in the electronics bay.

Version 2's ambient temperature probe. Version 3 has a hood that covers the probe but still allows exposure to ambient air.

Nodes deployed in the field. Node 2 is still the "old school" plastic ziploc container. It will be getting an upgrade to Version 3 this week
Node 1 Version 2 by itself

The Nodes in the field all by themselves

 The enclosure is further getting refined and a new "skinner" form factor is on the horizon that reduces the volume electronics bay. See the temps here:

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  1. The casing + mote + power supply of this is awesome! I would love to build a command line interface for this. Join Open Pipe Kit Google Hangout tomorrow (Wednesdays at 8pm)?? ->