Saturday, January 10, 2015

Monitor Node

We have a working Monitor Node with a temperature sensor that reports to a Mother Node. My buddy Dicky did some really EXCELLENT working on getting these going and implementing some great functionality.  It reports temperature right now. However, it will be expanded with more sensors in the near future. The solar powered Monitor Node is shown below.
Monitor Node
The Mother Node is wirelessly connected to the Monitor Nodes. The Mother Node then connects over wifi to my home network to upload the data to the internet.
Mother node
 The data, temp and voltage levels, from the Monitor Nodes can be seen here and here. I have 2 nodes and Dicky has 2 nodes. See below for some sample temp and voltage plots that were generated.
36 hour temp reading(*NOTE*the drop in Node 1 is moving from the inside our master bathroom to the garage)

Voltage data(*NOTE*, you can tell when the sun rises and the photo-voltaics are going )
My Monitor Node 1 is deployed in the garage and Monitor Node 2 is in field measuring soil temps near the garlic and  shallots.

See below, for Monitor Node 2 getting ready for the outdoors with some AWESOME outdoor water resistant packaging....... a plastic Ziploc container. Yes, that is rice being used as a desiccant, sprinkled very liberally by the way.
Monitor Node getting prepared for the outdoors
A cover and some RTV and we are ready to go!

Deployed  taking soil temps 2" down near the edge of the planted garlic mulch. 
Another deployed pic

Next steps, is to finish 3D printing the external packaging to ditch the awesome Ziploc plastic container. A preliminary go around ended like this. As you can tell it failed spectacularly.  Hopefully, today I will have a portion of the external packaging complete.
Failed external packaging 3D print

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