Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Slight Update

Well, I finally got to be able to walk on my foot again back in November; It was a long 3 months. In the mean time during those 3 months we harvested 36 Sweet Crimson watermelons for a total around 450lbs.

We also harvested some Jack of Lantern pumpkins, that barely matured in time for Halloween.
It was extremely mild for November and December here. We planted some Duganski and Susanville garlic cloves in November in addition to some Gray shallots. I had some little helpers that made it easier for me. I am really excited to try the Duganski garlic, it had a great "garlic'ly" smell.

The first skiff of snow happened on December 2nd, notice the hefty mulch for the garlic and shallots.

We also completed the garden survey basically measuring the field and relevant landmarks so we can do a proper layout for the vegetable garden, small orchard, strawberry and raspberry patches. The layout is approximately 50% complete and the 1st draft should be completed around the end of next week. That is it for now. However, we have some exciting things coming up that we'll talk about soon.

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