Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Monitor.......

In light of my broken foot, I have decided to tackle a project of a wireless field monitoring, I am going to start small and focus just on the monitor nodes. However, Figure 1 does so the overall plan including the monitor node, mother node and water solenoid node.
Figure 1: The big plan
The big plan has them all working together. The monitor node reporting the health of the field to the mother node. The mother node making the decision that affect the field such as irrigation based on the monitor node(s) reported information and external weather related data.  The mother node would then communicate to the water solenoid node to open or close as needed.

 Show in Figure 2 below, is the monitor node which will have the following sensors to report key field parameters.
Figure 2: Monitor node diagram

  • Light intensity sensor
  • Air temp sensor
  • Soil temp sensor
  • Soil moisture sensor 

The monitor will also have the ability to communicate wirelessly. Ultimately, the wireless connectivity will be used to communicate to other nodes and to a mother node. The input list that was previously posted is for the monitor node. That will have another revision coming fairly soon.

I will be crafting the the soil moisture sensor first, followed by the soil temp node, air temp node, and light intensity node.

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