Sunday, July 9, 2017

Pasture Update

So, I put out some pasture seed last October and this March and so far the results are promising.  Some of the seed that was sown are Meadow Brome, Ryegrass, Orchard Grass, Tall Fescue, and Blue Grass. I am also grow some weeds and I am hoping to reduce the weed load by the next Spring. I am learning that establishing a good pasture takes work,time and patience.
First cutting (mid May)

Second cutting(July 2)

I have never done anything pasture related in my life. So, the whole process is one big learning experience. I definitely learned a lesson that if I am not making hay I should wait for the heat wave to pass. It is brutal on the pasture to be cut and then exposed to almost a week of 100+ degrees Fahrenheit days. I hope that it will recover in fall when it cools down.  I anticpate this will not be my only mistake along the pasture journey. 

I purchased the cattle panels to fence the pasture in. I will do that around first half of September after the weather cools down a bit. 

The chickens sure do enjoy foraging out there in the mornings and evenings. Next Spring, we will be adding some sheep to the farm that will graze out on the pasture. 

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