Saturday, February 4, 2017

It has been a long time...

WOW! It has been a while since I last updated.  A lot of projects were completed in 2016.
  • Grass in the front and portions of the backyard. The kids love it.
  • New chicken coop(still needs paint and some finishing touches)
  • Turkey pen/enclosed breeding pen.
  • Raised and slaughted some chicken broilers (qty 15).
  • Raised and slaughtered some turkeys (qty 8).
  • Leveled and planted seed in the future pasture.
My improvement goals for 2017 are as follows:
  • Raise a majority of of our own poultry meat that we consume.
  • Put fruit and nut trees in the orchard area.
  • Fence in the pasture area.
  • Use the pasture for supplement feeding for our poultry.
  • Redo the composting area.
  • Add grains to the garden area.
  • Finish painting the new chicken coop.
  • Design and build brooder/grow out/laying coops(qty 2).
  • Design and build a chicken tractor for use on the pasture.
I will do better on keeping this updated; hopefully, the updates will be on progress of the 2017 improvement projects.

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